How To Get Your Artwork Noticed

Jacqueline Coates shares tips on how to get your artwork noticed

Hey I've got a good question that I'm gonna answer today, one that I'm sure a lot of you will be interested in

How do I get my artwork noticed? Now this is a funny one because often people feel really shy about sharing their work when they’re just starting out so you know you have the desire to show it and you also have the desire not to show it. Two counter intentions so there’s a few really simple tricks that you can use to get past this point and I’m going to share them with you so listen up!

Okay I’m also going to share a great success story that happened out of following some of these tips. Okay so you want to show your artwork but you’re feeling shy okay can’t take away the shyness but you just need to realize that the world’s a friendly place, sure you might get a friend who’s a bit surprised that you’ve become an artist and they might have a few quips for you but give them time to get over it and they’ll still be your friend.

Realize that not the rest of the world’s like that whoops I’ve accidentally turned you around to my kitchen not the rest of the world’s like that and you know the world’s waiting to see what you’ve got. When you want your artwork noticed it’s not necessarily about peddling your work and maybe making people buy it, trying to sell it because it often doesn’t happen that way it’s more about people are going to be attracted to it once they see it. So if you’re hiding your work out in your studio and you’re not sharing it then the problem is nobody gets to know about it’s the best-kept secret in the world. So the difference between a rich artist and a poor artist who may both be producing the best work, the rich artist has managed to get over their shyness and get out there and share their work.

Now there’s a number of ways to do this so you don’t mumble and look at the ground all the time when people are talking to you about your stuff, you know get your favorite out work and one that’s fairly representative of what you think you’re gonna be painting and whack it on a business card. Have a whole image so you don’t have to stand there and try and describe and map it out in words and paint an airspace what your paintings are.

To simply show your business card and straightaway people go oh wow that’s so cool and that feels great for you and also helps you to build that reality that you’re an artist when you just starting to share your work. Another great one is get the work out there, one of my students she actually, she was really shy about her work she don’t need to start it with me, done some incredible work because the accesses that I have Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Workshops and  Make Money from Art program and also in America Paint Blooms USA, she was in my Make Money from Art program in Australia, a very shy, had done great work and she her friends, and her friend who is an interior designer saw their work and she said, do you mind if I put that in my shop window?

And so she did and then she also put the shot of her shop window on Instagram somebody internationally saw that photo and got in contact with the lady with the shop and who then said can you give me the details of that artist because I really want to invite them to do a range of prints on canvas that sells across the world.

So within the first two months of doing a program with me she was already then working on a series to go out globally and where she was going to receive royalties and get to keep the artwork. So no loss, all gain and a wonderful opportunity to share her work and what she does. So just so exciting.

So get it out there, share it, put it on your walls and make sure that when you have friends over you stand in front of your work so it can’t be missed. Don’t stick it in the toilet, the garage, stacked behind a door, put it on the wall. And if something annoys you about the work go and change it until it’s to your liking and then you don’t mind sharing it.

My advice is try not to give the work away there’s lots of your friends who want to take it off you and while your sense of self-worth as an artist is low you may be tempted because you’re thrilled to have any appreciation and you’re afraid to take the next steps. So another great one is to stick it into a local competition. There’s loads of local art competitions run by various societies in Australia, we have the Rotary Club so you’d have art shows we have the school’s use them for fundraising and I know many artists who’ve built successful sales careers based on people coming back year after year to snap up the work because the works disappeared quickly and people want more. And you also get recognition to get things like artists merits or prizes and these things you can add to your CV, all of the experiences exhibiting you can add to your CV as well.

So look the main thing is don’t be frightened, get out there, have a go and share it and try and share it in places that don’t cost you anything to share them in a shop window or you know in a cafe, cafe it’s not the most ideal selling the environment but you can put a little blurb on the table on it to the tables that you laminate and people can learn more about you and your work and you know it’s a great way just to share and get out there.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips today about you know how do I start sharing my work as an artist well get over yourself and get it out there and don’t worry enjoy the celebration understand that this is a time of growing for yourself and that it is time to do things differently otherwise you’re going to get the same results as you always did okay.

We want new results, we want different things to happen, we want to engage, we want to meet other people, don’t worry about what other people think, in the woods I’m just trying to think of her name Susan something around she wrote this great book bestseller in America, what you think of me is none of my business and it’s a really great one to tie on to just a you know snip that mind going busy on what other people are thinking about you you don’t know what other people are thinking maybe you’re inspiring them to get off their butts and do something too so I’m wishing you the best of luck with sharing your work get it out there, share it, put one on your office desk or hang one in your office.

There’s a whole tribe of people right there who are going to come to learn about your work by doing that. Okay thanks for sharing and thanks for listening and I hope that that’s helped you to get going, give me some of your info below I’d love to hear stories bye…

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