Painting Blooms In Pesaro Italy With Jacqueline Coates

Check out the Painting Blooms with Jacqueline Coates in Peasaro, Italy

Hi there! We've been having a great day painting today. I'm still with Sabina.

Sabina’s a student of my online program, How to Paint Blooms and she’s been asking me forever to come to beautiful Italy, where she lives and I happen to be in Italy and I thought I can’t not go it’s only a few hours down the road.

So, here we are and also she’s had a health issue she can’t really come to a class, she’s only
being able to walk for the last five months due to some special medication and she’s a great girl and she’s so much fun. So, I’ll show you what we’ve been doing and so we’re doing doing this beautiful Paris Rose, I’m gonna be doing a little, Atlas in the night that I’ll put online.

So, if anybody wants to get it, the next putting up for another two months, but if it takes a while to put together but this is a lovely oils version using water-based oils which are non stinky. and this is a version which is from acrylic, so I’ve done that one and that’s just still at the rough stage, hasn’t been finished yet and this one also at the rough stage not being finished yet but you can see it’s looking pretty good.

Made quite a mess, we’ve also had a little Lorenzo who’s three, painting with us, he had a great old time doing a piece and Mark has been patiently waiting and we’re going for a little Drive to Urbino now, even though it’s like in the evening with the lights beautiful, actually.

It’s been raining most of the day, I’ve got paint all over my clothes and Mama has washed them for me. We had a fantastic lunch here. The Varenna has made us a beautiful lunch.

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