Learn To Paint Peonies In France

Learn to Paint Peonies in France with Jacqueline Coates

Who doesn't love beautiful paintings?

And this is in spring in France, just so beautiful. Currently Jewish Son’s garden and I know she puts on a great display of peonies, of the the normal variety that we know, but these are the tree peonies and yeah it’s been a lovely surprise to find that today. I just got a gorgeous garden here.

In rural France just outside of Le Chatre and a place called Nohant and George Sands was a famous writer and she had Chopin as her lover but a beautiful garden, always took pride in her garden and she had a lot of really interesting people down to her table. Famous writers, artists, musicians and the property is open and actually all my group inside enjoying it right now. It’s just a beautiful time to be here. Just the stunning procession of spring and the flowers. Lilacs, tulips, and this beautiful peonies. Just look how beautiful they are.

Great inspiration to paint plus we’re getting heaps of painting done and our French chef is cooking for us. So all in all, it’s a pretty fabulous experience and the ladies are over the moon and loving it. And just to let everybody know, I still got a few places for the tour that starts in Nice and comes up here to the Limousin and that commences May 30. We meet in Nice I’ll pop the link below and yeah we do lots of painting in my tellier in France and it’s just beautiful and look I can see that these will be out. I’ll be around them these are the other kind of peonies that are due to pop.

So, last year there was incredible and sumptuous array of those. So, um I know the ladies are just thinking they don’t even want to go home after this. I think they’re planning to kidnap the French chef and yeah they’re just loving it, and loving the paintings that they’re producing and all the inspiration everyone’s really busy with their cameras because there’s so many beautiful flowers and the studio is filled with gorgeous flowers as well. So they were brought down from Paris and yeah there’s always so much to inspire here. Just give you a little look around. Gorgeous garden here, you can hear the birds. This is lovely. The roses will be out by noon.

Okay so we’ve got a tour that starts May 30th and we have three days in Nice, exploring the Riviera, the Cote d’Azur, We go to Saint-Paul de Vence and Vence beautiful province in South. Look up town, this is gorgeous and then we head up to Lyon and we visit the botanical garden there and the art museum there, it’s the 2nd largest art collection in France. And they got some beautiful Impressionist paintings and then we’re going to come to my studio after visiting some gorgeous Chateaus along the way. And we’re going to be painting in my studio live. So a really beautiful painting inspiration holiday. Lovely reboot for everybody.

If you’d like to join us, make yourself a smaller group, there’s a couple of places left for that. So I’ll post the details below.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my little visit at George Sands in the garden. It’s just beautiful.

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