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Arts Creative Hub Workshop and Events with Jacqueline Coates

Internationally renowned artist Jacqueline Coates holds workshops worldwide, helping new and accomplished artists inspire their creativity

Discover Your Creativity! Ever wanted to get serious about your painting or at least scratch that creative itch?

Arts Creative Hub Discover Your Creativity

No matter what your artistic skill level, a painting workshop is a great way to immerse yourself in the creative experience.

At our workshops and events, you can:

Everything is provided so all you need to do is book in and show up, then be guided in the creative process. Having time for you to explore your creative side is very satisfying and productive. 

  • Meet with like minded others.
  • No previous experience necessary.
  • Be appreciated for you.
  • Take home beautiful artwork to keep, sell and show off!

By the end of a workshop you will have created beautiful paintings you will be proud to hang and have the confidence to do more. Feel inspired, and connect with your creativity. Enjoy the freedom and confidence to express yourself!

Many students go on to create even more paintings or even pursue mentored courses that take them to a professional exhibition level with their own body of work.

Whether you like acrylic or oils, a beginner or an advanced artist,there is a course here for you!

Blooms Pet Portraits

One Day Blooms Paint Pet Portraits Workshop April 11th, 2019 Learn To Paint YOur furry best friend Blooms Paint Pets Portrait Workshop Metro Arts, Brisbane,

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