Learn To Paint Beautiful Art In Melbourne Or LA America

Jacqueline shares details for workshop in Melbourne or LA America

Hi there, Jacqueline Coates from the Blooms Painting Method

I’m in France at the moment but I’m coming back to Australia for early October to do four days in Melbourne with my classic and really very well known Blooms Painting Method. I’m doing a four day workshop with one evening, so October 1 evening then October 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th from 9 to 5:30 each day at Glen Iris.

So if you like this kind of painting I can teach you how to do this from scratch and we really do get great, great results across the board and I work with the students. So between us I’m showing you how to handle the paint so that you get the results that you want.

So often the students just are unable to get the results they want, they started painting with enthusiasm and then they get stuck and they think I don’t know what to do next. I don’t know where to take this painting, I don’t know what to do and so what I do is I show you how to handle the paint on the brush, how to get a great flow to the painting to get the outcomes that you want.

So in a very short amount of time the students get wonderful results and we do not one but two beautiful big paintings 30 by 40 inches or that’s also 76 by 101 centimetres and also I’m coming to LA and they’re from the 25th to the 27th so a couple spots left if you want to join me in LA through my Paint Blooms Program.

Actually the workshop is a bonus when you’re doing my online program. If you’re interested in that pop over to www.paintbloomsusa.com and you can learn to do these beautiful kind of painting. So actually I’m teaching in acrylics is quick to dry it’s great to work with from home and it’s also very forgiving if you get something that you don’t love and you want to make a correction to it it’s very easy to change. So we start off with acrylics and later on if you want I can teach you the blooms oils as well.

Anyway I’ve been having a fabulous time teaching over here in France and taking gorgeous, gorgeous photographic reference of the flowers to bring back to Australia. I’m always refreshing what we’re going to be painting from to get ever new and ever more beautiful paintings. So we’ve had some scrumptious roses from Paris you can see that even if it’s not peony season they’ve grown them in Holland somehow.

These are the gorgeous peonies and in another beautiful florist that I love to go to we got some varieties such as, I think you’ve got to remember the names, one was a caramel, antique caramel, roses of really scrumptious colors, another one, was relying on you Danika, oh the cafe au lait rose which I absolutely love and I’ve been doing some work with lately.

Absolutely love those colors everything from apricots to coffee colors, I love the chocolates and lavender colors in between, just divine and I can’t necessarily get these roses easily back home. So I’m bringing all this gorgeous inspiration so to make you look fantastic you don’t need to have painted before.

I’m going to actually share what we’re doing here over the next few days we’re just about to start our first paintings in Blooms France and I’ll share what the ladies are doing, we’ve got ladies from Switzerland, Spain, UK and Australia and Canada this week. So it’s super exciting and already just absolutely loving it and having a ball.

I had lovely walk around the village this morning and we’ve started our paint brush license which shows you how to handle the paint, we’re about to get into our painting so super exciting. I promise to share some of the paintings once we’ve got something to show. So within a very short amount of time you can be up and running painting just like so many of my students and you can use this painting method to apply to any subject matter so it’s not just painting flowers but this is a great basis from which to start from.

So hope to see you in Melbourne if you’re interested I’ll pop the link below and just click on the link you can go in and do a deposit and we can sort you out for the balance and do it a bit later before the workshop.

So the evening of October 1 for Melbourne plus the 2nd to the 5th, 9 to 5:30 at Glen Iris. We do that at St. James Church Hall which is a beautiful big space and I bring you lunch so you don’t have to worry about it we always sit down for gorgeous lunch and then in LA I have a wonderful warehouse space we’re working in and even some of the ladies are staying in that warehouse space and we’re right near some fantastic restaurants and things and I bring the catering and all the art supplies there.

So with all my workshops all you need to do is turn up, I provide the brushes everything you need. If you haven’t painted before don’t worry because I build you from the ground up and this is why people are producing amazing work in a short time.

So hope to see you there and don’t delay I may not be coming back in January in Melbourne, I’m not sure I’ve got a few other things happening as well so October if you want the four day out in Melbourne is your best bet if you want to enroll and don’t miss out I hope to see you bye.

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