Paint Blooms USA

Blooms Workshop Los Angeles USA

7th to 9th February 2020

Jacqueline Coates creator of the Blooms Painting Method comes to you in LOS ANGELES, USA

Here's your chance to join Jacqueline Coates in the US at her Paint Blooms Workshop

Paint Blooms USA

Spend two amazing days with Jac Coates and learn and develop your artistic skills at this hands-on 3 day intensive workshop.

Not only will you have the benefit of working one on one with Jacqueline but you also receive access her to her renowned Paint Blooms Online App and invaluable bonuses.

Regardless of where you are in your artistic journey, the Paint Blooms US workshop will enhance your skills, your confidence and your results

Learn to Paint with Jacqueline Coates

Paint Blooms USA is a teaching pack with online videos and e-lessons, ebooks and mentoring with the option to attend a live 3 day BLOOMS painting workshop with JACQUELINE COATES in LOS ANGELES as a course bonus

Ideal if you live in the UNITED STATES , CANADA or MEXICO

Jacqueline Coates creator of the Blooms Painting Method comes to you in LOS ANGELES

Even if you have never painted before, the Jacqueline teaches a system of painting to create beautiful results. Take the pain out of painting! Accelerate your painting skills!

Blooms Workshop Los Angeles USA

7th to 9th February 2020

How does it work when you sign up for Paint Blooms USA?

  • Join PAINT BLOOMS USA whenever you like, and commence the online component.
  • The course is paid in 3 convenient stages to access the online material and then you have access to the next available free 3 day Blooms painting workshop in Los Angeles.

Payment 1: Book in & reserve your place $1250

  • Receive Jacqueline’s famously effective 52 week Blooms e-lesson program.
  • Learn to paint from scratch with this easy to follow compassionate painting program which will have you creating voluminous petals in days. Receive a weekly e-lesson and work at your own pace.
  • The Blooms e-lessons are yours to keep.

Payment 2: Access the Blooms Masterclass App $1250

The Blooms Masterclass App includes;

  • Over 70 instructional and problem-solving painting videos.
  • The Paint Brush License Manual and in-depth videos on how to handle your paint
  • Colour mixing exercise How to mix hundreds of paint colours from 5 tubes of paint
  • The Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method® Review Manual
  • The 30 day Artist Diary – Make friends with your inner critic and enjoy painting!
  • Selection of stunning Blooms Photo References ( 50 Blooms photo references)
  • 6 Jacqueline Coates invaluable mentoring sessions to keep you on track included on the app
  • 10 paint doctor sessions step by step to get rid of typical painting bug bears
  • Over 50 FAQ’s answered
  • In depth step by step Blooms e-lessons painting mid to large size paintings
  • UNLOCK THE SECRETS TO COLOUR RECIPE BOOK – Jac’s go to colour recipe book over 90 pages packed full of colour mixing info
  • Free membership to private Facebook page Paint Blooms USA Members page
  • 3 x 40 minute mentor sessions via phone, via skype or FB messenger over 12 months
  • Bonus 12 months access on top of 12 month access ( total 24 months) to the Blooms Masterclass App and membership sites

Payment 3: $997

The final payment for the course unlocks your skype sessions to be used as suits over the 12 month duration of your course. Your place at the optional Los Angeles Blooms Painting Workshop can be finalized. Create an artwork 30 x 40 inches and master your painting skills with Jacqueline.

Total cost of course US $3497

Blooms Workshop Los Angeles USA

7th to 9th February 2020

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