About Jacqueline Coates and Arts Creative Hub

I’m Jacqueline Coates, a full time practising artist and painting teacher who has devised the Blooms Painting Method™

About Arts Creative Hub Jac Coates

Blooms Painting Method™ which has helped thousands of aspiring artists to be able to paint and even sell their work and make a living from it, so they can live the creative dream too.​

I’ve created Arts Creative Hub so that artists can access great information, for painting and their artistic career. 

Arts Creative Hub has been designed to give you heaps of great inspiring and helpful art info, no matter what stage you are at in your creative journey. I know what it’s like to not be an artist and to yearn to have the creative life.

I was once there myself, about 25 years ago when I worked as an advertising art director in the corporate world but longed to be an artist. What a sad story! Everyday I went to my job but looked out the window wondering what if!

When I became a single mum with two children under two it was as good a time as any to take a leap of faith and follow my heart, if not for myself for my children.

About Arts Creative Hub Barossa Valley

Jacqueline Coates Paintings

So I packed us up and moved to the country, settling in the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia.

My studio was the living room of an open plan double storey stone barn I renovated to house my family. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to support us with my art. I took it one day at a time and put my faith in what my heart loved.

In between breastfeeding my kids I painted up a storm of beautiful paintings. The universe did the rest. That was twelve years ago.

About Arts Creative Hub Paint Blooms

Blooms Painting Method™ Workshops

Soon the locals wanted to know how to paint my beautiful blooms paintings.

I devised a simple approach that meant that anyone could paint and created a One Day Workshop.

This lead to the Three Day workshop and then my classic six day Blooms 1 and 2 Painting workshop which is the gate way to realizing your painting dreams.

From the very start I followed my own system of teaching, giving students what I knew they needed as well as what they wanted.

About Arts Creative Hub Blooms Painting Method

Getting great results from the get go, and learning strong foundations for painting go hand in hand with my Blooms Painting Method™.

Over the years those painting workshops lead to a wealth of experience in teaching students and finding out what they needed to progress and quickly.

Being a busy single mum myself I understand that we are all time poor.

My great joy has to been help others to trust in their creative dreams and inspirations and to help them unlock their abilities. I see what it means to others and how it changes lives.

About Arts Creative Hub Make Money From Art

How To Make Money From Art mentoring program

In June 2012 I launched my ambitious Make Money From Art mentored program, which has launched many fabulous selling artists who’ve started from scratch in my mentored 12 month long distance painting program and launched with their own website and shows that sell their own distinctive body of work.

This takes care of all the people hungry to have what I was having, a great creative and productive lifestyle and income. And yes many have given up their day jobs! Want to know more?

About Arts Creative Hub How to Paint Blooms

How to Paint Blooms online course

In March 2014 I launched my How to Paint Blooms e-classes and now I have a bunch of happy home schooled students producing beautiful work for pleasure and to learn.

About Arts Creative Hub Salon Rouge Kapunda SA

A Barn in the Barossa and the Salon Rouge Gallery

My hometown of Kapunda in the Barossa Valley is known for its beautiful stone historic buildings.

Students truly immerse themselves in a creative and stimulating natural environment whilst they work with me at my creative headquarters, Salon Rouge.

Visit at www.ABarnInTheBarossa.com.au

Or drop by at Salon Rouge Gallery,
Hours: Sat & Sun 12 – 4pm
19 Carrington Street
Kapunda, SA M 0412 587 438
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