Blooms Smart Mini Projector



Now there’s an easy, stylish way to get your drawing done from small to large scale, and… It’s also a brilliant home cinema!

New Model now available with a new bigger screen and even more stream-lined shape

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$479 $435

inc GST and registered postage within Australia

If you have ever worried about drawing up your canvases, no matter the size, here is the solution The BLOOMS SMART MINI PROJECTOR


Improve your paintings and take the uncertainty out of getting your compositions in place when you project your photos onto your canvases with this fabulous pocket size projector which has EXCELLENT AND TESTED definition. Get all the proportions right straight up!

$435 including registered postage within Australia.


Effectively project your smartphone or tablet images by linking with Bluetooth or wifi, or insert a USB of your images. Connect to your TV with HDMI and project.

Ideal for:

  • Planning commissions
  • Mapping and creating a body of work
  • Previewing your compositions
  • Presenting a display of your own work to clients
  • Professional presentations
  • Causing brilliant masterpieces!
  • Home cinema
  • The family entertainment


$435 including registered postage within Australia.

We will contact you with your order if you are overseas for the additional amount. We do not charge for handling.

1 year warranty

No returns

Allow 28 days for your order in non Covid times, it may take slightly longer or not during these current times. We will advise you when your parcel has left and the tracking number.

$435 including registered postage within Australia.


Does it project in daylight?

It will project at close range during daylight however the Smart mini Projector projects best in a darkened room.

What is the largest size it projects to?

The largest size the SMART MINI PROJECTOR projects to is 4m wide.

How long does it project for?

This SMART MINI PROJECTOR projects for 30,000 hours with the in built light source

$435 including registered postage within Australia.


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