French Art School Sneak Peak

A quick sneak peak at the French Art School Learn To Paint Workshop

Here we are at French Art School and we've been painting today and doing some beautiful work, this is a painting that's done today at about eleven o'clock.

I went to get the beautiful, fresh flowers first and set them up and by the time we actually can do it. It was about eleven and it’s about may 6:37 now? And we’ve been having absolute ball and really enjoying our paintings. And here’s my little scene loving painting. There’s a lot going on. We’ve got a little bit of a houseful tonight.

We’ve got …… so the French chef is cooking. Oh my gosh don’t they look beautiful? This is Nino. He makes these beautiful tiles. He’s very clever and I’m having tiles made. Over here my cousin Trish, my friend an assistant is also having some tiles done. And Nino’s putting it around. Oh that is stunning! Nice! Do you like? Your first impression is, yes? Beautiful!

I just got to go through you. This looks amazing! Our musician and our chef. And some friends! Kat, my booking officer and my main woman on the job. We’re having fun and look we’re gonna have a great night tonight. So having a lovely time.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneaky peak at French Art School.

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