Painting Types and Styles

Choose the right art materials to suit your creative expression

Painting Types

Ever been to an amazing art supplier packed to the gunnels to tempt you with art materials and paints of every hue

At moments like these I go weak in the knees and next thing I know I am loaded with items at the counter I may never use, and my credit card is maxed out!

If you stick to one genre of painting then you will save a fortune. There is power to having a well defined niche. Being disciplined and staying with your niche will help you remained focused and save you a fortune.

In this section we explore different painting types for specific creative expression.

Here is a quick series of tips to give you an idea of what might suit you and why.

  • If you like sketching and painting on the go, with lightweight materials then watercolour paints could be for you.
  • If you enjoy travelling and need materials that dry quickly and don’t take up much room in your luggage or weight allowance, then watercolour paints and sketchpads are the go.
  • Do you love paint that is like soft butter to the touch, impacts with vivid colours, can be scraped back and worked for some time before it dries? If you have a well ventilated area where you can paint and leave the paintings to dry for some time oils are for you.

Painting from home and sharing the domestic space to paint?

Painting Types

I recommend acrylic paint because it is not offensive in odour, dries quickly and can be moved about easily.

  • Require increased production with short time lines? Again, acrylics are your best friend. Paint it the night before and glaze in the morning with a fast drying glaze. Pack and send it half an hour later.
  • Enjoy a sculptural low relief quality to your work, and a surface you can create texture in, scrape, cut, sculpt and gouge to reveal layers of colour? Providing you have a well ventilated space you can get messy in, then encaustics and oils are a great combination.
Painting Types
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