How To Dry Your Oil Paintings

How to dry your oil paintings with Jacqueline Coates

And when you're doing lots of oil paintings, what happens is you run out of space sometimes to put them and store them, so I've got a great tip for you.

Basically, I’ve gone to the supermarket and got a whole lot of these old fruit cardboard boxes that the supermarket are only gonna crush them anyway, and you can make your own shelving system like this. Where you just stack them. We’ve got a workshop on where we’re gonna have probably about 80 paintings produced this week, between a small group, and we need places to dry them. So this way we can put them outside.

Now, the other thing is all paintings don’t dry, they actually cure. They oxidize and that means that they have to have ventilation and loads of air. So this is a great way to move your paintings around and make sure they do get some access to air. So I hope that was a good tip for you.

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