How To Keep Paint Off Your Clothes With Jacqueline Coates Artist

Jacqueline shares how to keep paint off your clothes

How to keep the paint off your clothes?

Well it’s really simple, obviously wear your clothes inside out because that way if you get the paint on your clothes and you want to go back to normal civilian life after you’ve been doing your painting.

All you have to do is just go to a little quiet area of your room or behind a canvas, turn your clothes back inside out and voila your clothes are nice and clean ready to go because it is a bit of a pain in the ass getting paint on your clothes.

However, if you do wear your clothes around the right way and get paint on them, if you have oil just get warm, lukewarm water and soap and get onto it straight away. Under a tap, you can just you know, you don’t have to remove all your clothes to do that, you can usually just take a bit of the clothing if it’s acrylic paint.

You really need to do it straight away, if you miss that opportunity you can get acrylic paint remover called the Incredible Brush Cleaner and you can just soak it a little bit in a solution of the brush cleaner and the water and then it should scrub off the soap and water when you rub the fabric together.

But I really like my idea, just wear your clothes inside out but just remember don’t do what I did when I once went on a lunch date I was in the middle of lunch and I realized my dress was inside-out and it had nothing to do with painting, I’m just an idiot okay, I hope those tips were useful.

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