How To Store Leftover Acrylic Paint?

You can keep your paints fresh for several days if you learn how to store your Acrylic paint.

It can seem a shame and wasteful to throw out good paint after you finish painting for the day.

Especially when you’ll be back in the studio in coming days to continue painting your artwork. It’s useful to know how to preserve your paints and at the same time save yourself money.

Setting up good studio habits will serve you very well in the long term. You can keep your paints fresh for several days if you store them well. Storing your paint has the additional benefit that they are portable.

For example if you are painting en plein air and need to transport your working palette of paint, then this top tip, provided by one of my excellent Make Money From Art students, Michele W. Will be helpful for you.

  • The tip is, to purchase an inexpensive plastic document folder hard case which has a depth of about 18 mm. That’s deep enough for wet paint . Michele tapes a sheet of disposable palette paper into the case then pops her oil paint on top of that . As she likes to visit friends to paint she can simply snap the case shut at the end of the session and transport it home, with the paint staying fresh inside the sealed case. Michele works with oils and this works well for her.
  • In my case I use acrylic paint a lot in my Blooms Painting Workshops so , at the end of the painting day, if the paint is in good condition, I like to give the paint a light fine spray of water, then either cover the tray of paint with plastic to reduce air flow to the paint or put the plastic plate of paint inside the plastic document storage container and close it so the paint doesn’t dry out.
  • A further tip is to Place the sealed paint plate in the fridge which further extends the open time of the acrylic paint. If you live in a dry area where paint dries whilst you are painting then try my wet palette idea to keep the paint open for up to 24 hours without a cover over it. Here is the link; Love your paint! And be thoughtful how you use it!

For Oil paints follow the same directions but omit the water spray.

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