Mixing Color For Painting

How to Mix Color with Jacqueline Coates

Beautiful luscious color but you go to the art supply shop and you’re going to pour your paints up at the art supply counter and it’s gonna cost you an absolute fortune.

Well I’ve got great news for you, I’ve got a free color mixing art lesson, I’m Jacqueline Coates, I teach the blooms painting method which means anybody can paint and learn to paint one of these.

In fact my students have just finished painting these. They’ve done a four day workshop and one lady has done these two and this is one by one of my other students and this is one of mine in progress.

So what I’d like to share with you is that color mixing is really fun, it’s super relaxing anybody can do it. It’s actually a no-fail art lesson. Let’s just have a look down here and these are just some of the beautiful colors, come in close there, and that you can make.

Imagine sitting down with a cavity just five tubes of paint I haven’t cost you very much and doing this fantastic exercise as I have just done this afternoon. So just to give you some idea if I was painting these gorgeous hydrangeas you can see that these colors are in in here.

I’m sure you can actually see those polishing, come up a bit closer to black and here’s some more and yeah lots of these colors are in this painting and I’ve been able to make them myself so I’ve probably saved myself a good a hundred and fifty dollars just on those blues and grays.

Now if I actually come over to this painting over here just right behind me, the stunning jeweler which one of my students have done over the last couple of days, you can see these beautiful blush colors. So easy to mix and once again save yourself an absolute fortune and gain a lot of confidence to, that you know how to mix the colors you want to apply on your paintings. So no matter what your painting it’s so great and it could be great for landscapes or anything. Once again if we just pop over here we’ve got lots of beautiful golds and coffee colors, this is actually a Cafe au lait Rose and look all these colors are so applicable and all mixed from just five tubes of paint.

So if you’d like to have my free color mixing art lesson just simply click on the button below it’s going to open up in messenger and we’re going to send you the link and you can go and enjoy the beautiful free color mixing art lessons and learn how to mix hundreds of colors from five tubes of paint and save yourself an absolute fortune. Thanks for listening see you, see you at the art lesson!

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