What Is Acrylic Paint By Jacqueline Coates

What is acrylic paint? Which acrylic paints to buy for your art? Best art results from the different types of acrylic paints? by Jacqueline Coates

Hi, I'm Jacqueline Coates and today I'm gonna talk about what is acrylic paint?

Acrylic paint is basically a bunch of pigment suspended in a medium. That makes it easy to get out on a plate and use like this. 

So how does it differ to oils? 

Well oils is also a part of pigment suspended in a medium, but that’s suspended in vegetable oil. So this is suspended for quick paints. It’s suspended in a synthetic medium. It’s an acrylic medium and when it dries it leaves a skin which binds the pigment together. 

When you buy acrylics, you can buy various ranges. You can buy a student range such as Reeves .The critics have a basic range. There are many many kinds of acrylic paint on the market or you can buy the professional quality such as Windsor Newton, Golden or the Liquitex Apple range that you can buy. 

The professional range you’re going to pay a little bit more for. However, they’re going to deliver more brilliance of color because they use better quality pigments and the student ranges are going to have more pigments in there that are more like look-alikes of the more expensive pigments. So, they’re going to be a good substitute It’s still going to give you a pretty good result. But they’re not going to have the absolute brilliance. 

Now, having said that I use both and I find that they have their different uses. So, you can’t expect a student paint to do the job of a professional paint. It’s just not going to happen, you’re gonna get a lot more depth and a lot more brilliance out of your professional range. 

So, acrylic paint is very different to oils because it dries quickly. 

You can work straight back into it within, you know 20 minutes if you wanted to change something completely. You can still blend as you can with oils, you can get crisp edges you can get soft edges. But you have to work more quickly and you tend to use a range of additional mediums, that go with the paint in order to manage the paint. So I’ll talk about that in another video. What else can I tell you? 

It’s great for the beginner painter because they dry quickly and they’re fairly forgiving in that case that you can change your mind about your painting as you go. You can get everything from thin washes through to thick impasto paint with acrylics. 

So they’ll do a great job for you, can get a lot of range out of them. And best of all they don’t smell at all. So their water-based, they break down with water not with turps. Don’t have to use turps and thinners as you do with oils. Now, I’m a fan of both paints, but I think that certainly acrylics have their place because they’re just so handy. They look as good as oils these days and their permanence factor is just as good as oils. 

So, that’s it from Jacquelyn Coates on What is acrylic paint? I hope that’s been of use to you.

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