What Is Pouring Paint?

Pouring Paint is an easy concept of painting anyone can do. It requires no drawing or how to paint skills. It creates abstract colourful painting outcomes.

What is Pouring Paint?

It’s important to get the viscosity of the paint right.

If it’s too runny when the pour happens the paints amalgamate and go muddy. Too thick and it doesn’t pour and flow well and will fail to do its magic.

You can make your own pouring paint by buying acrylic pouring medium and mixing with acrylic paint colours yourself mixing thoroughly and testing the flow or buy it premixed and already at the correct flow ready to go.

Paint patterns occur when the canvas or board is tilted and colours run to create beautiful abstract patterns and colour merges.

The best surface to use is a wooden surface.

Colours when dry will be enhanced and benefit from the application of a gloss varnish.

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