How To Mix Colour with Jacqueline Coates

Find out how to mix hundreds of colours from just a handful of paints and save heaps of dollars on your arts supplies bill!

‘Hi I’m Jacqueline Coates, internationally acclaimed artist, author, speak and trainer.

I’ve been painting for 30 years and I’ve developed a really easy way to create HUNDREDS OF COLOURS from mixing just a handful of paints that anyone can do.

My How To Mix Colour eBook is going to SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on your art supplies bills and GIVE YOU HEAPS OF COLOUR MIXING CONFIDENCE. I hope you are just going to love it!

'Cheap paint versus professional quality artist paints’

How to mix colour

“I know it’s tempting to buy cheap paints in every pre-mixed colour imaginable rather than forking out for good quality paint. I’ve been there where budget is a consideration.

However cheap paints will look flat, dull and down right disappointing in your artwork that you’ve spent hours on because cheap paints are full of crappy fillers and substitute pigments and no guarantee the colour will even last.

BUT there’s no need to skimp on quality when you follow my free How To Mix Colour training. You can use professional quality pigments and create a smorgasbord of colours with just a basic set of colours.

Great quality paint with excellent pigments costs a little more, but you can buy a limited range, then learn how to colour mix to give you the incredible colours you want.

Learn how to use the best paint well, so you can get brilliant results AND save yourself a lot of money.

Here’s what other Blooms students say about my How To Mix Colour tuition;

‘I’m amazed at the explosion of colours you can create. I’ve created a kaleidoscope! Thanks Jac!
R. Newman
‘I feel as though the colour area of my brain has been activated since doing these exercises.’
A. Kelly
Writer /Fabric artist
Unlimited options for colour mixing using a few basics! Once you know how of course!’
E. Fitzgerald
Beginner Artist
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