What Qualifications Do You Need To Be An Artist?

Jacqueline Coates shares her insights on what qualifications you need to be an artist?

Hi there! I'm asked this question quite often, what qualifications do I need to become an artist.

Well, it’s not like becoming a doctor or a dentist, you don’t actually have to go to uni or art college to become an artist. So, before you go heading off to enroll for three or four very expensive years at art school, hold your horses and have a little listen to this.

The truth is that when you go to art college or university that often won’t actually teach you for example how to paint, they’ll put you with the materials, they’ll give you some examples and they’ll leave you to it. So, you’re not guaranteed of being shown how to do stuff and that’s consequently why I get a lot of people coming to my courses, my name is Jacqueline Coates and I’m an established artist of 30 years of painting and I’d say I’ve been painting full-time for the last 18 years. I’m making a really great living from my art, I came from a corporate background and then became an artist. I was really desperate to get my hands on that paint and look there are many ways to become an artist and it doesn’t have to be by having a degree, that’s the great news.

So save your shekels, the other thing about going to uni is that, unfortunately it ties you up by day and you don’t have time to earn money to support yourself, to pay your rent, and your art supplies while you’re doing it. So you either need a healthy sponsor who’s got some money, money to support you, or to have saved up beforehand. Hi dear, Karen watching there.

So yeah, it’s quite hard, it’s a tough way to go so another way to go around becoming an artist and getting you know some qualifications, qualifications don’t have to be a piece of paper nobody ever asks you for a piece of paper as an artist, really. They’re interested in your experience of painting and being dedicated and committed to creating work, and try and get into some shows, collect some evidence on your CV that you’re actually out there doing some stuff.

Try for art prizes, these are actually a lot more credible avenues of getting into becoming an artist. I do think that having an overall art education is really important but you can do that through reading books, and understanding art history, you can even attend evening lectures or do them online there’s often lots of fine art sort of courses online that you can do in your own time, it would be actually better and it’s better for you to spend that time in the studio painting.

So how do you learn to paint lots of different ways or how do you learn to sculpt you or make metal or jewelry things like that you can actually go and just do part-time courses. Sometimes, these are in the evening so it means you can still have a job and earn money while you’re getting yourself up and running. Becoming an artist, there’s so many different ways to do it, you don’t need a piece of paper, you don’t need a degree.

Hi Hayley, how you going. Hi Suzanne, hi dear. Thanks for coming into my Facebook Live. Great to see Kim Featherstone, as well. So the main thing is to have a go.

Now, one of the hardest things to do is to show up at the easel, we can come up with lots of excuses but the thing is that that’s actually the hard graft of creating work and creating credibility. Getting your stuff out there, getting people seeing and getting a following, getting a fan club. So what qualifications do you need, you need to get behind yourself, get some self belief and get going and just start creating. And if you don’t know how to do something go get the advice to do it.

If you want to learn with me I’ve got my courses are up online so that you can do them from anywhere in the world and you can learn really quickly. I have accelerated programs and workshops currently. I’m in LA teaching but I teach in New Zealand, France, Australia as well and I do exactly that help people to get painting quickly with the painting method, you can see a bit behind me, and then you know people take that and turn it you know put their own style stamp on it and I have many artists making six-figure incomes which is really cool.

So, how do you become an artist get yourself behind the easel, get going, don’t feel that you’ve got to have a piece of paper from a university, give yourself permission is the biggest thing, and just start taking steps towards it and keep building up your painting credits yourself, you know.

Do series of things, get better at doing them increase your fluency with your medium with which whatever way you’re using it, whether it’s collage, or drawing or painting or sculpture or installation. Just increase your frequency get better about sharing yourself with other people. So, I hope that’s helped you. Hi Monica, Hi Diane, and Diane saying, I agree. Hi George Alison in France, how you going? Missed you on the last trip.

So, guys any questions just leave them for me below, otherwise I’m you know if you want some help go over to ArtsCreativeHub.com/workshops and you’ll find some stuff and I’ve got a free color mixing art lesson that you can get cracking on at www.HowToMixColour.com and because I’m an Aussie I spell color with a C-O-L-O-U-R.com but you can forgive me for that because you get a fantastic free lesson at the download. Thanks for listening, bye!

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