Perfectionism And Painting When Creating Art

Perfectionism And Painting When Creating Art

When being a perfectionist gets in the way of creating of art

Okaaaay! This one is an issue I see A LOT OF when I first encounter new painters or even those who have been painting a while but become stuck in self-defeating bad habits.

The painter who wants to be PERFECT!!!!!

Perfectionism and painting do not go together. Save it for arranging the Tupperware and ironing the sheets, or making a crease on the best white Sunday outing pants. ( yes I like to be a perfectionist too sometimes!)

However Art is something else. And that is what is so loveable about it!

Time to own up. Have you ever tried to paint but;

  • It became a torturous endeavor because you could never get happy with anything you did?
  • You couldn’t start because you were worried how your artwork would turn out?
  • Couldn’t free yourself up?
  • Worked too tight and thought what’s the point because this is no fun?
  • Didn’t know how to proceed effectively and every step was full of doubt and confusion? 
  • Painted over and over one section until the paint became so gluggy or the paint came peeled away from the canvas
  • The painting just took way too long and all the joy and excitement evacuated from the project plus you disliked the results?

Perhaps you know the problem…. You intend to connect with your creativity, and you want to make it PERFECT. Let’s get that masterpiece happening within the first five minutes!!! Or perhaps arrange the paints 2O times and get everything PREPARED first!

Procrastination goes hand in hand with PEFECTIONISM!!!!

Even Rembrandt didn’t expect to have perfection within the first stages of a painting yet that is what most of my students expect when they start a class with me. There is a time to use that part of yourself during the painting process but it’s not at the start.

There’s a reason students who show up to my art classes get amazing results on a large canvas in just two days.

They don’t do what they usually do. They are taught a reliable system of painting which takes them outside of themselves and opens them to a process that works. Suffering for your painting went out with Van Gogh. And I love Van Gogh so say that with respect and love. However there is simply no need to be frustrated.

The idea of a Blooms Painting Workshop is to take the pain out of painting and get your painting finished by the end of the workshop whilst learning a painting method that will give you a great result and build the painting in logical stages. GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION

What I teach in my Blooms Painting Workshops is how to use your time effectively and how to produce powerful work quickly. Sure there is room to pull out the perfectionist and put her to work but not till the last part of the painting.

Getting past yourself is one thing, but when you make it to a Blooms Painting Workshop you are in my hands and I am there to show you how to bust out of UPTIGHT PAINTING PRISON and get in touch with building a painting and letting go of some of those limiting concerns.

Here are some people and paintings that have busted out of PERFECTIONIST PAINTING PRISON using the Blooms Painting Method from Sydney to Los Angeles, Brisbane to Kapunda, Perth to Melbourne at Blooms Painting Workshops!

Perfectionism and painting when creating art

This is a cream rose painting done by a student in Los Angeles at our Paint Blooms US

Prior to this painting, this student spent hours petal by petal with disappointing results searching for the way forward and no knowledge of how to mix the colour, use tone or manage the paint on her brush. This was very frustrating for her.

As you can see here, she’s got the hang of it well and truly after two days at a Blooms Painting Workshop.

After painting this beauty in just two days after learning the Blooms Painting Method, she then went on to exhibit in a professional art gallery with her new art series and fulfilled a dream.

An absolutely stunning painting by Jan Henderson who tried painting for the first time at a Melbourne Blooms Painting Workshop earlier this year.

She is now well on her way having straightened out her painting p’s and q’s , to being a sought after equine artist.

This painting has sold and she’s already taken on four painting commissions, and enjoys further support through my online program and mentoring.

Doesn’t look like she needs any mentoring, right? And isn’t that what I I am aiming for? You can follow her at Jan Henderson on Facebook.

Perfectionism and painting when creating artwork

If you don’t believe students like this really exist, then meet Ingrid, a down to earth mum and working professional who found two days to wedge in a Blooms Brisbane painting workshop in Brisbane and created a beautiful painting from scratch and is now honing her painting skills from home with an online Blooms Course.

What does this mean for you? Absolutely nothing if you aren’t by now twitching and wanting to get your painting sorted out!

If that’s the case what I have to say next is definitely not for you.

If on the other hand you are hungry to learn how to paint anything from stunning florals to horses and you’d like to enjoy a fast access to painting with my next Blooms Painting Workshop with an online support course and mentoring which will be in Los Angeles Sept 15 & 16 plus the evening of Sept 14, then you might like to click on the link below!

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