Join me in 2021 for the Paris & the Limousin

Paris and the Limousin - 1 June to 13th June, 2021


Put yourself FIRST & join me, Jacqueline Coates, in stunning France for French Art School!

Absolutely NO previous art experience necessary

Even if you’ve never painted before I’ll be prepping you for this wonderful painting and touring event and showing you some fabulous techniques you’ll be able to use to create your own masterpiece inspired by the french impressionists.

I’ll be providing everything you need for a comfortable and productive experience. Plus an amazing itinerary you will love. See below for full details.

If you want to join us for the land package, then you will need to let me know quick smart! You can book below with your deposit to reserve your limited edition place or if you have and questions simply email me at

French Art School May Tour 2018 peonies and art of peonies shot

Most of us forget to do good things for ourselves. As women, we often nurture others and put ourselves last.

I call this the burnt chop syndrome where you give everyone else the best and take the leftovers. But what about your needs?

I know! You’d jump rivers for those you love but your own list of goals are often unattended to!

It’s time to take action ladies! After all this time on the planet, who is looking after your needs and your life goals? It had better be YOU!

I have had the pleasure of sharing French Art School Paris and the Limousin with many women, who enjoyed taking time out for themselves, and enjoyed a fabulous creative and inspirational reboot.

French Art School May Tour everything this new painter hoped for

Carol B, South Australia

Enjoying lunch in the garden prepared by the chef after the morning painting session

It takes courage to put your hand up and say, AHEM, I’m taking action and doing something I really want to do. I’m off to France now!

Yet, that is precisely what these women did.

French Art School reveals hidden gems

Patty, Western Australia

Here are some of the reasons my clients told me why they came on tour, just in case you need to come up with a reason for yourself!;

"I had a tough two years losing my mum and my husband, and I need something to restore how I feel. I have been stalking Jac for years online, wanting to do something creative and wonderful so it was time. I loved the itinerary, packed full of great things"


"I saw the itinerary and thought ‘that’s me!’, I’m in! Its not a general tour, its niched for those loving beautiful things and art. I wanted to see France through Jac’s eyes having done a workshop with her before"


"As a busy mum of three young boys plus running the family business I needed some me time. I wanted the inspiration of art tour and learning with Jac"


"I felt divinely inspired to come on your tour. My husband said yes! We work hard on our farm and it was time to learn about my creative side"


"My friend came on your tour last year and we all saw the difference in her work and her attitude. The trip sounded amazing. I could come along this year"

Joy, SA

"I’ve done two other courses with Jac and I really wanted to come to France for the French Art School experience and inspiration"

Liz T, Sydney

"I came along because my friend was so excited about it, and for years I have wanted to explore my creativity and see if I can actually paint!"

Ann C

"I came along for the art and to be with my friends on holiday"

Jan R

Art Immersion at French Art School
Annalise, Sydney

‘I’ve learned so much, thankyou.’-Jan.

Jan R from Sydney had not painted before. She found the exercises set on French Art School helped her to achieve some masterpieces of her own.

This piece inspired by the work of Lily D’Orfani, mid 20 century French painter

"I wanted some hands on painting with you Jac. I’ve been working online on your courses and wanted to try a live experience to make sure I am on track!"

Shona gained confidence with her painting on the French Art School Tour and created some stunning artworks.

Most came along on their own, and met other like-minded women from all over Australia and New Zealand.

What they all had in common was a desire to enjoy themselves, to have some ‘me’ time, to participate, and try new things, to see what that creative itch is all about, to tour gorgeous parts of France, and to be delighted on a daily basis.

They have generously shared some comments on video so you get an idea of what it is like.

Artist increases painterly confindence at French Art School
Shona Jones, New Zealand

Why size matters on a tour

Because I take small group numbers only, absolute max of ten guests and only ten if two people twin share, so more usually max of 9 guests, it meant we can go to places that other tours can’t go.

Most tours  rely on having huge numbers from 30-60 people to fill big buses.

French Art School is all about the personal experience and delights in a small group with a French home style setting and our own painting studio.

Because of our charming group size we can;

  • dine in a Paris Brasserie watching the world go by, alongside other Parisians. If you are on a large tour its likely you have a limited set enu for most meals and are treated like a number.
  • take a private tour of a privately owned Chateau, and collection of tapestries, picnic overlooking a gorgeous private rural idyll
  • be privy to a private collection of tapestry carton paintings, and also vintage floral paintings created by a mid 20th century French artist who had lived in Morocco then we took inspiration from those paintings for our paintings back in the studio during our painting time, to create our own masterpieces working from the originals
  • Experience the local markets and lunched where the locals do afterwards

  • Shop in treasure laden brocantes for vintage linen and antique pieces for fabulous bargains
  • Quickly and easily visit famous sites and lesser known treasures with our own experienced driver

  • Visit gorgeous hand picked shops and boutiques in Paris
  • Enjoy personalized painting tuition where you will progress rapidly even if you have never painted before!
  • Visit gorgeous hand picked shops and boutiques in Paris

Due to the relationships I have established in this part of the world with incredible others doing amazing things with art and culture here, I am able to curate and incredible art experience.

It helps I speak French as that helps open doors for you too.

How to get the insider’s experience of France
Annie G, Sydney

Paint like an Impressionist - No previous experience necessary

I have not only found the creative reboot of a lifetime here in France which continues to open up and constantly reveal more stunning inspirational jewels to me, I share it all with you so you get to see and do so much in the time you are here.

Picture yourself painting in the gentle dappled sunlight en plein air exactly as Monet did and in the same location. Enjoy a guided experience.

Let’s go down a little country laneway, past a field of red poppies and after a gorgeous picnic we meander down along the river bank for a few hours of painting.

You won’t find a tour bus of 30-50 jam packed tourists within cooee. Yes, we have a registered private chaffeur and he is adept at taking us to these charming lesser known places. I wish to keep these places that way.

And that’s just a glimpse. I share all my inspirations here on French Art School tour. Take photos of the same incredible blooms that I use for my own paintings.

You can see from the comments of my clients they love this hand cut experience which connects them with an uninsulated truly French experience.

Heather B from NZ wanted a shot at her creative side. This is just one of many beautiful paintings she painted, this one in a matter of hours from gorgeous peonies plucked from the garden. Once shown how, you will be off and running too.


Run away from home for two weeks, return with the new you!

Everyday life and routines can be fatiguing and keep us stuck in a rut, for sure.

How would you feel to disrupt that for two weeks and instead wake to rose blossoms popping in a deep pink boucle as they climb the wall outside your window, accompanied by fragrance and beautiful birdsong?

How about finding peonies and roses opening from tight balls to stunning ballerinas with layers of frilly delicate petals from one day to the next, to observe spring in its full force in one of the most luscious regions of France?


Fall in love with French Inspirations

On French Art School it is precisely this direct experience of being so close to beauty, and the accumulation of beauty built up in a culture hundreds of years old, being able to savor the fragrances, to enjoy French style cooking from a private chef, staying in authentic French villas, all of which transports you to another experience of yourself.

No one ever goes home the same they arrived after French Art School. They have filled their cups, made new friends, gained confidence in their creative abilities and seen the world through refreshed eyes.

I take you to my most inspirational shops, beautiful villages, markets, art galleries and then we paint to release all that bottled up creativity!

It’s little wonder that I already have customers coming back for second tours!

This photo from a fave florist in Saint Honore PARIS

3 friends share their holiday experience

Liz T, Jan R and Ann C, Sydney

See more colour everywhere you look


Even if you have never painted before, you are shown how in easy steps and that’s how all of my students end up with stunning art treasures to take home and frame.

I showed the last group Monet’s limited palette and how he made thousands of colours from those handful of paint colours.

They all understood about how to make colour after that and were painting like pros. I showed them how to handle the paint on the brush and easy ways to get started and to problem solve.

Consequently everyone had stunning works to pack into their suitcases to take home.

Enjoy a bespoke experience

I can only create few tours a year simply because the level of detail assigned to each tour takes time, care and love, loads of planning with my team, and having the right supports and experts in place to ensure a great experience.


I also like to take the tours at a time when nature is peaking for flowers and the local produce and the temperature is comfortable for touring.

I make it totally special for you to be here. The tours will change next year and I cannot guarantee whatǯs on offer this year will be available next year.

If doing something for yourself has become a pressing need, then I suggest you email me and bag a spot, and I will see you in late June for creative reboot in France!

WILL YOU JOIN US on a dazzling dance through Paris and Normandy, Monets house and garden and a fabulous experience of the French Impressionists in Paris staying in a charming Parisian hotel?

And then on to the abundant and beautiful Limousin, staying in French villas in natural settings, where Monet painted his first series of stunning paintings of the Creuse?

All you need to do is get yourself to Paris for the tour dates in the itinerary attached and start our fun and inspiration.

If you would like my travel agent to help you get there, let me supply you his details. In the meantime you may book yourself in below and I will be in contact with more details.

Next tour dates are:

Paris and the Limousin  1 June – 13 June, 2021

You can download the itinerary here

I generally go with Qatar or Emirates as they are reasonably priced and great service but have a look at flights online and see who has the best options for where you are departing from.

Or ask me for my travel agent’s details if you would like a done for you service including additional nights or add travel in Europe




Enjoy a bonus set of a palette of 48 watercolours, yes 48!!!!!, worth $149 which you will be able to use on tour and take home with you. They are lightweight and have a built-in tray.

As you will see in the itinerary I have included the gorgeous Nathalie, French artist specialisng in water colour who shares her secrets in a session on painting florals in water colour so you will be receiving water colour training plus I will show you in Paris how I use water colours with sketching when travelling.

You can download the itinerary here


with Jacqueline Coates

A few more details for you

You can download the itinerary here

Tour & Paint in the footsteps of your favourite French Impressionists


There comes a time to put yourself first, and enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime, immersing in art, inspiration and painting in France with a bunch of like-minded others.

Immerse yourself in art in Paris and the heart of rural France with the go to art teacher and highly experienced tour leader Jacqueline Coates.

Follow in the footsteps of the French Impressionists. Paint where Monet painted in the very places they painted. Be inspired by the same unspoiled landscapes. Max of 9 guests or 10 if two people are twin sharing with a friend


Paris, Giverny, The Loire & the Creuse, Limousin



Live it! Breathe it! Paint it!


Picture waking up in Paris,with an inspiring and enjoyable art itinerary planned for you, and a small exclusive group of like-minded others to travel with. Nothing to organise and everything to enjoy.


Imagine then basing yourself in one of two charming French villas near each other in rural France, where we have our own painting studio spaceand easels, private driver and private chef to take care of us, and even a ballroom studio, where you will paint your own impressions and treat it as home.


Explore the very area where Monet came to paint his first series of paintings as well as chateaux, the beaux arts, the lakes, woodlands, fresh produce markets and picturesque towns.

No wonder Chopin was inspired to write more than half of his output of music in the Limousin.


This is a tour like no other because it’s tailored for a small group, rather than a hoard with generalised venues anyone can get to.

Being a small group we can enjoy special experiences and go to places large groups cannot.

French Art School goes to places you would never know about otherwise. We also have our own painting atelier where we paint and respond to the inspiration.


Hi, I’m Jacqueline Coates, and it has been a long-held dream of mine to take painting enthusiasts to France to study the Impressionist painters in Paris and to follow in the footsteps of Monet and other Impressionists in rural France and paint in the very same areas they painted in.

To make this dream a reality,

I have created my own studio and home style accommodations in France, especially for French Art School.

This is my 12th international tour and my 8th tour for French Art School.

I speak fluent French, and I know how to make my guests comfortable and give them an amazing experience of a lifetime.

I also like to share what it’s like to live the French life in the charming hamlet where my villas are located. Meet the locals and be part of a very special bespoke experience

I have been leading workshops intensives teaching thousands of people over the past 15 years online and in person with a compassionate approach to painting where my students, even the total newcomers, are fast tracked to get great results. My painting methods are different to what anyone else is doing on the planet and that’s why I get the fabulous results for my students so quickly whether you have picked up a paint brush or not.


Every client on previous French Art Schools throughout 2016, 2017 and 2018 came on tour on their own and made a fabulous circle of friends easily on the tour. It’s a very inclusive of everyone space.

Everyone looks out for each other. Each person has their own room throughout in Paris and the Limousin so you have personal space as well as the opportunity to enjoy like- minded others along the way.

Airfares are yours to do as you like with your favourite carrier or even your frequent flyers or with your travel agent.

If you don’t have a travel agent we can recommend one to assist you with flights and any other holiday arrangements or transfers.

We meet in Paris. Some clients fly in the same day and others arrive a day or two earlier at our Paris hotel. 


One of the accommodations on French Art School is a converted auberge, typical of a charming French farmhouse style dwelling, and the other villa once belonged to a local wine barrel maker, and has a gorgeous orchard of fruit trees and a grange. Both have shuttered windows and are divine to spend time in.


After 3 nights in Paris we travel through the Loire Valley visiting two exquisite chateaux and gardens, then arrive to our French homes in the heart of the Creuse region, to a beautiful welcome meal prepared by our private chef.


Unwind and take in the rolling unspoiled country side of the Creuse region in the Limousin south of Paris.

Enjoy the landscape of the Creuse valleys and the pretty towns where the Impressionists painted.

Walk the same path Monet took to create his series of the Creuse river.

Our base at La Foret du Temple, is also close to many other fabulous highlights including officially some of Frances most beautiful villages.

Visit Aubusson, where the tapestries were created and see the stunning hand painted cartons. Visit a private chateaux hung with tapestries. 

Be charmed by the beautiful painters’ town of Gargilesse and a regional collection of Impressionist paintings.

Live like a local and enjoy the Fresh produce at the markets of La Chatre. The last group purchased stunning linen dresses for a song

In between touring and having fun paint up a storm in my painting atelier, formerly a ballroom studio.


  • Enjoy a total of 12 nights and 13 days including 3 nights in a central Paris Hotel with your own superior single room and bathroom and 9 nights in the Creuse area of Limousin in an original French auberge with a ballroom studio or the original barrel makers French Villa with orchard and grange studio known as La Tonnellerie.
  • Enjoy a morning painting session with French water colour artist Nathalie Tiffenau and learn her secrets of creating stunning florals in water colour
  • Learn all about French trompe’l’oeil with French artist Christine Fontanelle in a morning painting session
  • Receive a bonus set of water colours with 48 half pans in a lightweight travel case with pull out colour mixing trays and two water colour brush pens and water colour e-lessons emailed to you beforehand so you understand the basics before you even get to France. This combination alone will be retailing at $347. Yours for free as my gift
  • All breakfasts are included.
  • All art materials included including quick drying water based oils, acrylics,  canvases and thick, luscious art papers from Paris, the provision of easels and brushes and other items we need.
  • Painting tuition and handy how to demos, inspired by the French Impressionist Painters from Jacqueline Coates for a total of 7 sessions including en plein air. Sessions are usually a half day allowing time for relaxing, walking in the beautiful natural surrounds or touring to nearby destinations though sometimes we paint for a day then have a day off.
  • Use of bicycles to explore the area in your free time
  • Private Driver to and from Monet’s Giverny
  • Private driver pickup from our hotel in Paris, as we travel to two stunning chateaus and gardens including Chateau Chenonceaux in the Loire before arriving to our homes in La Foret du Temple, Creuse, Limousin.
  • Entries to Giverny and restaurant lunch
  • Entry to Musee D’Orsay and restaurant lunch in exquisite surrounds
  • Entry L’Orangerie to view the Monet Nympheas Panoramics
  • Two French cooking lessons at La Foret Du Temple with local Anne Forget provided
  • 7 dinners at La Foret provided as we have our own chef
  • Private dinner pick up and bring home as we go out for dinner at the Michelin star rated La Forge at Lys Saint George, a tiny village with its own moated chateau. Dinner own expense approx. 55 euros inc wine.
  • Lunches at L’Hirondelle and picnic lunches on tour ( total 8)
  • Aperitifs and wines at L’Hirondelle including champagne, white wine, or red wine served with most meals in the start up bar provided. ( lasts most of the trip!)
  • 8 Morning or afternoon teas and available refreshments, and fruit, tea and coffee
  • Our own private driver for the Creuse section of the tour to take us touring to local highlights such as Crozant, La Celle Dunoise, home of the French Impressionist landscape painters, Gargilesse, Gueret, Nohant, Les Fresselines, La Chatre, Aubusson, en plein air painting on the Monet Trail, and he will provide transport for dinner out on our last night so you can live life as a local.
  • French Art School Tour Elessons x 10 prior to the trip to provide a cultural backdrop to your tour plus painting tips.
  • Certificate of completion of French Art School and your own artwork created in France to take home with you.
  • A memorable digital photo flipbook produced online and sent to you after the tour to celebrate the tour highlights of the tour group!
  • Free wifi and free phone calls to Australia to landline numbers from the landline in Creuse at L’Hirondelle.

Total for land package FRENCH ART SCHOOL with Jacqueline Coates tuition & host

French Arts School

$8,899 pp land package only

Paris and the Limousin - 1 June to 13th June, 2021

Deposit of $2,000 required at time of booking to reserve your place. Balance due in payment schedule prior to workshop.



No previous art experience is necessary to take the French Art School Tour.
I am known for my generous and compassionate teaching methods that open ip painting to anyone who wants to give it a go. The methods i use are always based on taking the pain oit of painting so yoiu can get great results quickly.

Typically students take home up to 12 paintings each! So not only will you have a stunning inspirational holiday you will take home beautiful artwork. One of my students from the June 2017 tour used the paintings made on tour in France as the basis for a collection of work that she sold a few months later in August at an exhibition.

Others prefer to keep their work and frame it at home. Some is on canvas and some is on thick artisan art paper so its easy to fit in your suit case.



Packaging materials for paintings to be taken home are supplied and assistance will be given to pack your paintings for travel.


On the previous tours, it has so happened that guests have booked in on their own and made great friends on the trip they have stayed in contact with afterwards because they enjoyed the friendships made on tour. We have a private Facebook page where you can meet everyone before the tour starts and keep in touch with afterwards.

There is provision for one twin share room in the Limousin of two friends want to travel and share together which is why we can go to 10 guests but if not it will be a maximum of 9 guests.



That depends on how much shopping you want to do! Most of your meals are supplied once in the Limousin as we have a private chef. Its nice to stop for coffees along the way or refreshments when touring. We visit brocanteurs, who sell vintage linen and other fabulous objects. Paris will tempt and you may want to buy perfume somewhere along the way. I also take you to my favourite art supply store in Paris but you don’t need to buy anything because I supply all your art supplies and that is included in the price. About $1000 Aussie should be enough if you aren’t bringing home chandeliers!


A feature of the tour is that we have pur own space and equipment to paint with providing total creative support and freedom whilst on holiday.

Downstairs at L’Hirondelle, the old ballroom makes the perfect spacious painting studio.


At a certain age everyone likes to enjoy their own private space as well as engage with others during the day which is why I have planned that your own room booked is for you in Paris, and in the Limousin. There is only one room in the Limousin that has the option of twin share of two friends come on the tour and would like that otherwise it reverts to a single room.



Please advise any dietary requirements at the time of booking so we can plan in advance as we consider food an important part of the enjoyment of our time together.


We have FREE WIFI at the hotel and at the villas. At the villas there is a landline your family can call you on.


Take comfortable clothing, shoes you like walking in, some smart casual clothing for going out to dinner, and be prepared that the weather will be cool and spring like so trans seasonal is a good idea, plus some tops suitable if its warmer. ie the ability to add warm layers or strip back a layer of it’s warmer.


Make sure you have a digital camera or iphone for photos or other fave device. There are so many photo opportunities. Bring a charger and a European plug adaptor. You can buy the adaptor at the airport before leaving Australia.

French Art School


French Art School supplies canvases for specific painting exercises bearing in mind you travel with them afterwards so the selected sizes are small to mid-size for your convenience.

French Art School supplies paints, brushes, and everything else you will need so you are not encumbered by weight when you travel. By all means bring any favourite brushes.



If you have other questions not answered here, please send me an email


Total for land package FRENCH ART SCHOOL with Jacqueline Coates tuition & host

French Arts School

$8,899 pp land package only

Paris and the Limousin - 1 June to 13th June, 2021

Deposit of $2,000 required at time of booking to reserve your place. Balance due in payment schedule prior to workshop.

Booking to French Art School

Total for land package FRENCH ART SCHOOL with Jacqueline Coates tuition & host

French Arts School

$8,899 pp land package only

Paris and the Limousin - 1 June to 13th June, 2021

Deposit of $2,000 required at time of booking to reserve your place. Balance due in payment schedule prior to workshop.

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