4 Day Blooms Painting Workshop

Sydney, New South Wales

9th - 12th January, 2020 plus evening of January 8th

Fast track your painting and have 2 masterpieces to show for it

Not all art teachers share their secrets, leaving students feeling disempowered and confused.

At my Blooms Painting Workshop I generously share the secrets of the proven and empowering even exhilarating Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method®,  a comprehensive system of painting that anyone can apply to get great results.

Developed over 28 years and used in my own successful painting practice as a selling artist, my teaching has won awards for excellence. More importantly it empowers the student get great results quickly and to build confidence.

Here’s what I cover;

  • How to handle your paint so you feel in control
  • Understanding acrylic paint
  • Creating your colour recipe plus colour mixing
  • The Paint Brush License
  • The importance of tones for bold painting
  • How to build a painting from scratch with a professional finish even if you have never painted before
  • Create a painting in half the time and free yourself up
  • Transforming your inner critic
  • How to solve painting problems
  • Learn 2 Blooms Painting Methods

Become a confident painter and connect with your creativity.

Art supplies and catering included. Easel provided.

Blooms Painting Workshop Sydney 4 Day - $2,350

9th - 12th January, 2020 plus evening of January 8th

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