4 Day Blooms Painting Workshop

Perth, Western Australia

25th February to 28th February, 2021 plus evening of February 24th

Create 2 stunning masterpieces and gain creative confidence

Go from a newbie to a painter who can wield a paint brush with confidence in this 4 day plus one evening Blooms painting workshop learning the Jacqueline Coates Blooms Painting Method®.

As a painter of 30 years I have developed a compassionate method of painting anyone enjoy and get great results with, even if they have never picked up a paint brush before.

I remember what it was like to get started. I could hardly breathe I was that terrified. So I always teach from that place of understanding what it’s like to have the courage to make a start or even a come-back after an absence from creativity. Let me help you reboot your creative engines!

Before we even start the canvas I show you how to handle your paint so you are in control and feel more confident to get the outcomes you want.

Then I will show you how to build a painting from scratch to a professional level of finish in stages that are easy to do.

After your first masterpiece I will then show you how to paint a painting the same size in almost half the time and how to have fun expressing yourself. Great for freeing yourself up and feeling more confident painting!

Along the way we will learn;

  • the specifics of blending and tones
  • how to mix colours
  • the importance of a good colour recipe
  • how to create rich vibrant colour
  • how acrylic paint works and the best ways to handle it and what you can and can’t do with it
  • that anyone can paint and gain excellent results when they understand the how

Learn two of the Blooms Painting Methods and finish with two stunning masterpieces!

Art supplies and catering included. Easel provided.

Blooms Painting Workshop Perth 4 Day - $2,447

25th February to 28th February, 2021 plus evening of February 24th

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