Hi everyone! We've had a great two days plus one evening workshop in Brisbane and everyone's done an amazing job and just before they go I thought I would share the paintings with you all.

And just so you can see, this is the Brisbane venue.

So well done, Rosie, just got a little bit more to go. I can’t believe where you’re at, from where you were this morning. Fantastic, a little bit more to go there. This one’s gorgeous and finished. So many of these people haven’t painted before or done much before. So, it’s very exciting!

So yeah, I’m coming to Melbourne and what I wanted to say about that is when I go to Melbourne, it’s like coming home because I did used to live there. So I really love coming over, I love the restaurants and parks and museums, the art galleries and everything and I’m really excited about coming in July to do a two-day workshop there. So this is the kind of thing that we can achieve in two days, and it certainly breaks you in to what painting is about and gives you a great taste of..

Hi, Joy Crawford from Jamestown. Certainly gives you a great taste of what you can achieve with your painting and teaches you the structure of painting. So, I’m a teacher of 30 years and I’ve really worked out some ways that makes some, you know easy to paint.

Actually this was done by 12 year old, Sienna. Where’s Sienna? Oh Sienna has just gone to help somebody down to the car. But Sienna has just done this incredible painting and she’s 12 years old so my method can be learned by anybody, and that’s really exciting. So, girls how have you found it this week? Have you enjoyed it? This last few days? You had a good time? Girls, have you found it this week you had a good time? Sienna, congratulations on your painting! How did you find the painting method? The Blooms painting method? It was challenging….

But then you’re on the home stretch and it was easy. So this is one that mum did, which is super cool. So you guys had a wonderful couple of days together, that’s something, something a few days that you probably won’t forget. Well done, Lillian! So yeah, everybody’s having a lovely time and meeting everybody.

So I’m really excited when I do my workshop in Melbourne, I come to Glen Iris and it’s a venue I’ve been coming to for years, and I absolutely love it and we have really great catering and and all sorts. So that’s coming up soon

Well done, Fifi! So, you’re usually an embroiderer right? So handling paint is a whole new experience? But we definitely got you there and it’s just beautiful. I’d be really happy to put that on my wall. Gorgeous!

So yeah, I just wanted to let you know and yeah I’ve got Melbourne coming up in July. So yeah I already got some people booking in, but I’ve got some spots left, it’s not a huge group. I don’t take any more than twelve and we paint a large 30 by 40 inch of canvas. We gloss varnish it after to make it absolutely gorgeous and teach you all about how to handle the acrylics. So that anybody can paint, as you’ve seen twelve-year-old Sienna has just done one of the most stunning painting. It’s just been great! So, I’ll see you then!

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