Why use Acrylic Gloss Medium

Why use Acrylic Gloss Medium

Beginners why use acrylic gloss medium

The reason we use acrylic gloss medium with the acrylic paint is to maintain a good consistency to the paint when we apply it.

It helps it to go on smoothly and easily. Don’t forget you are applying something wet to something very dry most of the time. You definitely need to add moisture to your paint or it will take on a scratchy scratchy texture you may not want, catch on the tooth of the canvas, and generally not look terribly luscious.

I like using Liquitex Gloss Medium and I also like using Global Gloss medium. I am looking for the consistency of runny cream in my gloss medium.

I don’t like my gloss medium to be more like the consistency of milk as I find it will run through the colours on my plate and make a mess if too runny. The best thing to do is to have a play with the paint and the medium and see what happens when you combine the two.

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