How Much Time Do You Need To Learn To Be An Artist?

Find out how much time you need to invest to be an artist with Jacqueline Coates

Many have wondered what if I was to become an artist?

I might have to buy art materials. I might have to invest in time, how much

time would that take? Hi, I’m Jacqueline Coates and I teach hundreds, if not thousands of people paint online and in-person in programs around the world and I want to share with you some info today that might give you a hand.

So, perhaps you’re stuck in a job, perhaps you’re thinking you’ve got that creative itch, you want something more to do. Perhaps you just want to play with color, immerse yourself in paint and art. How much time do you need to learn to become an artist? Well, when I started out I just had only weekend time because I worked long hours in a job, once upon a time. So, what I did was I used my time on the weekends.

Now, everybody has to do shopping, responsibilities, possibly cleaning, possibly things to do with kids but if you can find four hours a week you can learn to become an artist. If you can get yourself to a class or do an online program, then you’d have time to progress every week and to learn something and to add to your skills. So, that’s a great way to start when you’re learning to become an artist, you’re going to learn about a lot of different areas, you’re going to learn about what kind of medium that you want to work in. You’re going to learn about what art supplies that you’ll need probably about color mixing, I mean perhaps you even want to be a ceramic artists, you’re gonna need to learn about those materials or sculpture you’ll need to learn about the best way to go forward with a sculpture.

So, you know there’s lots of new terrain and territory to learn about and some of that time has just spent reading and absorbing information online in books or even attending a workshop. So, it’s a great time of exploration and discovery, you’re probably going to meet lots of people through the process which is wonderful. Your world is going to expand and it’s really empowering as you learn and find that you can actually do new things in new ways.

So, if you have two to four hours a week then that’s about right, about the amount of time and I’ve actually got an online program at and that’s exactly a good kind of time frame that I suggest between two to four hours a week is a great way to learn how to paint.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my chat and I hope that you’ll make a start soon, whether it’s reading, visiting an art supply shop, attending a workshop or doing something online let’s get going. 

Good luck!

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