Acrylic Paints vs Oil Paints

Acrylic Paints vs Oil Paints

Painting shop acrylic vs oils

Acrylic paint has only been round since the mid 20th century. Oils have been around for many centuries. Over the years, there has been a bit of one upmanship over which paint type is better with supporters to both sides arguing the points hotly.

It’s true that as recently as five years ago acrylic paint could not match oils for brilliance of colour as they dried looking darker and flatter than when they were applied wet.

This colour shift made it difficult to have control over the outcome of your painting.


These days however, acrylic paint technology is highly evolved. Winsor and Newton Artist Acrylic Colour is a professional range that has little or no colour shift from wet to dry paint. This is due to the paint being formulated with a breakthrough clear binder medium whereas all other acrylic paints have an opaque binder medium.

These days it’s very hard to fault acrylic paint when you buy an excellent quality range.

Painting shop Jacqueline CoatesI do love oils as well. I love the buttery consistency and laying it down thickly with a palette knife.

To me, acrylics and oils are two different very different types of paints and have different benefits. I work with both in my own art practice. I will talk more about oils in a subsequent chat.

For the home studio I recommend starting with professional quality acrylics because they are so versatile.

Detail of oil impasto painting ‘Spring Cavalcade’ by Jacqueline Coates

Painting shop Jacqueline Coates
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