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Why use Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is the most versatile and practical of paints. It is water based so there are no fumes.  This makes it ideal for painters with home studios. It’s fast drying properties make it great for increasing productivity in the studio. When dry, acrylic paint becomes water resistant. Acrylic paint can mimic other painting types when mixed with mediums. Add acrylic impasto medium and it can look like oil paint. Add water and it can resemble water colour. Add gloss medium and the paint can create beautiful glazes. Acrylic has a range of techniques on offer making it an excellent
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Why use Watercolour Paint

Watercolour paint is portable, lightweight and quick to dry. Because the main support used with watercolour paints is paper, it makes transporting many works practical and low cost. Watercolours are by far the best paints to travel with. Expressing your ideas or getting to know a subject matter with water colour can be a great way to build to more substantial artworks. Watercolour painting in the hands of a skilled painter or one who understands light and tone can be pure visual poetry. To capture the effect of light and atmosphere, to allow the paint and washes to react on
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