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Acrylic Paints vs Oil Paints

Acrylic paint has only been round since the mid 20th century. Oils have been around for many centuries. Over the years, there has been a bit of one upmanship over which paint type is better with supporters to both sides arguing the points hotly. It’s true that as recently as five years ago acrylic paint could not match oils for brilliance of colour as they dried looking darker and flatter than when they were applied wet. This colour shift made it difficult to have control over the outcome of your painting. OIL TUBES AT JACQUELINE COATES STUDIO These days however,
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Is Acrylic Paints best for the Home Studio

Why acrylic paint is best for the home studio Whilst both oils and acrylics are great to work with, acrylic paint is ideal for painting from home because; it’s fume free making it safe for you and your family it requires water clean-up not stinky turps it dries quickly making it ideal for beginners to correct their mistakes not as messy as oils it’s versatile;you can apply it thickly from the tube or in washes or glazes acrylics are a particularly good choice for beginners and intermediate painters because it is gives a quick result. What you are working on
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