Blooms Perth Workshop Artists Inspiration

Blooms Perth Workshop Artists Students Inspiration and Results

Looking for inspiration on how you to can learn to paint amazing blooms?

Blooms Perth Workshop Artists Gum Nuts

Learn To Paint Beautiful Blooms In Perth WA

Hi Jacqueline Coates here and as I’m heading to Perth, Western Australia in February 2020 for the Blooms Painting Workshop I thought I would share with you some results from my amazing Perth artist students.

New Addition Of Bush Blooms

I’m adding Bush Blooms for us to paint as the Perth Blooms Workshop as gum nuts and gum blossoms have such amazing forms and gorgeous colours.

Learn To Paint 2 Paintings In 4 Days

As well as the bush nuts, all the usual floral choices are also available.

Paint blooms from peonies, roses, tulips and much more

Choosing which to paint is hard but you will learn to paint 2 paintings so you will have 2 beautiful pieces for your home created in just 4 days

Blooms Perth Workshop Hayley HTPB Testimonial
Blooms Perth Botanical Gardens

Perth Botanical Gardens Inspiration

On a visit to the Perth Botanical Gardens, I was totally inspired by the flora especially the  gum blossoms and gum nuts, simply stunning.

I took lots of gorgeous photos for my students to use as references for learning to paint blooms

No Previous Painting Experience Necessary

Blooms Painting Workshops are the ideal environment to remove your past limiting beliefs about what you can and can’t do and to open up your creativity.

Blooms Perth Workshop Artists Inspiration
Blooms Perth Workshop Students Achievements 2017
Blooms Perth Workshop Students Achievements 2018
Blooms Perth Workshop Students Achievements 2017 Billie
Blooms Perth Rose Poppy Rose March 2019
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