Arts and Garden Tour – Venice – Sept 2014

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Arts and Garden Tour - Venice - Verona - Lake Como - Milan - Sept 2014

Art Workshops Arts Garden Tour

with Jacqueline Coates, Tuscany Under the Skin & ECM Travel Come with us on the inspirational tour of a lifetime! Tour commences in Venice September 27, 2014 - Finishes in Milan Oct 12, 2014

Art Workshops

If you love being inspired by art, beauty and grandeur, beautiful palazzos layered in history and great stories,………..

If you enjoy visiting handpicked sumptuous gardens in amazing locations, trying your hand at some creative activities, and experiencing a regional cooking class,……….

If the idea of having an aperitif as the sun goes down over majestic Lake Como, after a day visiting stupendous villas and gardens……..

Then chances are you will swoon over this itinerary I am proud to present.

This tour has been created in conjunction with Tuscany Under the Skin and Karen Caba of Elite Conference Travel Management, both of whom I have worked with on previous tours to great success.

What makes this tour different to others?

Art Workshops
Art Workshops
  • Researched and planned by people who love beauty, grandeur and quality including me, floral artist and teacher, Jacqueline Coates, and ex film producer, Australian Barbara Mariotti who has lived in Italy for 30 years, highly experienced in tours featuring gardens, food and art in Italy. I personally researched great experiences in Venice for this tour in Nov 2012.
  • Careful selection of wonderful experiences that are outside of mass produced tour styles
  • Live like a Venetian in Venice in gorgeous apartments so you have room to relax and unwind in one of the most stunning cities on earth
  • Arts and Gardens focus so you will feel inspired, not a general tour full of historic facts that leave you numb!
  • Wonderful hands on authentic experiences including painting masks with a master mask maker in Venice, cooking class using local produce with a Venetian chef, and some painting opportunities with Jacqueline Coates along the way. To truly experience the places we will visit;
  • Insiders secrets and shopping tips from Barbara
  • A civilized pace designed for enjoyment with numbers of guests limited to a maximum of 21 and the tour will go with 12 guests …… opposed to bus tours that reach 50 and you aren’t sure what city you are in when you wake up each morning!
  • Accompanied by Barbara Mariotti who is not only an Aussie but married to an Italian and speaks Italian so she bridges both cultures perfectly
  • Accompanied by artist Jacqueline Coates who will answer your questions about how to capture the essence of your tour and give you some art lessons as well

SATURDAY 27 SEPTEMBER - SUNDAY 12 OCTOBER 2014 For the full itinerary go to Or email for the itinerary at